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Hours Away

Well, we’re just hours away from unveiling iotum at DEMO now.  It’s 6:44 AM, and at 9:50 this morning Howard and I will be on stage.  I’d be a fool not to be nervous, but we’re looking pretty good at the moment.  The "Good Luck" messages have been piling in all morning.  To all of you who mailed, I’ll say thank you now, in case I forget something more personal later. 

Our release ran this morning.  You can read all about it on the iotum website.  The URL is:


The neat thing about iotum Pronto Conferencing is that it demonstrates the the value of relevance can be applied to so many aspects of communication beyond just filtering my calls. In the case of conferencing, our software knows who you are, and that we’re supposed to be in a conference call together, so it can remove most of the hassles of conference calling today.  With iotum Pronto Conferencing, you’ll never have to reserve a bridge, fumble around looking for a bridge number or a PIN number, and you’ll never have to wait online for everyone to join.  And that really is the magic of relevance.

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