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Bredenberg on iotum

Al Bredenberg has put a post on the iotum Relevance Engine up on his blog, before the "official" announcement tomorrow.  It’s interesting because it’s full of screen shots of how to set the software up.   He talks about what we do as presence management, which in many senses it is.  However, where presence fails today is in the reflection of your actual intent.  You are either present, or not present, in today’s systems.  It’s very binary.  iotum allows you to be present for some people, and not present for others on a situation by situation basis.  iotum reflects your intent, as opposed to your physicality. 

When I talk with people about what iotum does, I start by asking them "What would the world be like if your telephone only rang when it was important for you to receive the call?  iotum helps you choose which calls are important, and which can wait, depending on what you’re doing, and who is calling."

Anyway, Al’s piece is great.  He finishes up saying "iotum’s interface for setting up the Relevance Engine is the most-developed process I have seen yet for configuring presence-management."

Thanks Al.  Our development team worked hard to make it as simple, easy-to-use and powerful as it is. I know they appreciate the praise.

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