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Naked Toronto: Join Us For Dinner With Shel Israel

Shel Israel, co-author with Robert Scoble, of the book and the blog Naked Conversations. will be in Toronto the morning of March 7 as a panelist at the AIMS event titled Social Marketing: Tapping into the Power of Connected Customers.   David Forde, Peter Dawson and I are interested in arranging a bloggers dinner for Shel the night before at the Peel Pub.

If you’re interested, leave a comment here, so we can try to gauge interest.  We’ll get a more formal meetup announcement, or the like, out a little later.

UPDATE:  The Peel Pub changed hands and became something called Filthy McNasty’s. Nobody there answered our calls, so David Forde has managed to Shoeless Joes to throw in $3 beers, and free finger foods.  Shel will be there, and there will be copies of Naked Conversations available to buy if you don’t already have one.  Event starts at 6:30.

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