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Tail End of ETel

I’m back home, and am just now collecting my thoughts on the end of ETel.  It’s a real testament to Surj Patel and the folks at O’Reilly that this conference went off so well in it’s first year.

At the end of the day Thursday I delivered my presentation.  I had wanted to speak a little about industry trends, but so many others had that I simply showed people what iotum is building.  I used a short presentation, available in PPT or PDF, described the problem, and then gave a short demo.  And, because ETel was primarily a developer crowd, I told the audience that we had built an Asterisk implementation, and an experimental SER implementation, and committed that they would both be released to the web for others to experiment with. 

Immediately following my presentation a bunch of people wanted to chat with me.  So many so that I missed Martin Geddes’ closing remarks, which I was very disappointed about.  Nonetheless, business has to come first!

One of the folks I spoke with was Brad Templeton.  Brad has lots of ideas about the use of context to make communications relevant, and it was an engaging conversation.  He skewered me during the Q&A following the presentation because my cell phone rang during the presentation. I had given the number to Andy Abramson, who called it, rather than my iotum managed number.  Nonetheless, Brad is developing something in this space, which may or may not compete with iotum.  He was quite circumspect.  Too bad, as we would definitely welcome a collaboration.

Brad also brought his phone booth to ETel, which was fun.

One of the most interesting conversations I had at the end of the show was with Ajay Madhok of Amsoft. Ajay’s team has been developing a new service called celiberate, (although he called it Equals at the show as well).  In any case, it is an opt-in service for enabling context awareness between users.  It lets me see, for instance, that Howard is available to take an email from me but not a phone call.  Very cool stuff. 

Last thing I did was take a run up to 111 Minna for an hour to visit the Tello team for their launch party.  It was great to chat with Doug, Richard, Danielle and Alan and to say congratulations on their launch.  Naturally, part of the conversation ended up being about the misstep with respect to bloggers around their launch.  Suffice it to say, they’re aware.  Keep your eyes open — there may be a blog coming soon from someone on the management team. 


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