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Bring Your Own Broadband — The New Road Warriors Weapon

Air travel is never fun, but it’s certainly gotten a little easier with the new wireless broadband cards available from Verizon and Cingular.  Last night I pulled into a Best Western at San Jose Airport.  I don’t even know if the place had Internet.  I didn’t care.  I just powered up the old all-you-can-eat Verizon card, and I was live on the net.

This morning I jumped on the plane at San Jose, napped for an hour, and then chowed through a pile of email.  As we deplaned, I snapped the Verizon card in, threw my PC back in my pack, and let it synch email.  I had to walk all over O’Hare as they changed my departure gate, but no problemo.  The VPN link to my office stayed up, and kept on doing it’s thing. 

Over the last week I’ve sat in the backseat of a car, with a VPN connection, email and a Gizmo call up.  At the other end, you would never have known.

Bring Your Own Broadband — it’s the new road warriors tool.

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