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Sympathy for Arrington

I have a lot of sympathy for Michael Arrington.  Yesterday he posted a relatively minor criticism of Tello’s launch. Tello didn’t court the blogosphere.  Personally, I agree with his critique.  Working with bloggers has been one of the most successful and lowest cost strategies which iotum has executed to date.  The resulting conversation enhances our product, and builds awareness, not to mention building some good friendships along the way.  So, Tello could have done itself some favours. From talking with people I know at Tello yesterday, it sounds as if it was just a mis-step — Tello’s a small company trying to execute a big strategy.  Stuff happens, or in this case, didn’t happen.

The reaction to Michael’s critique is way over the top.  As I write this, there are 92 comments, including a substantial percentage of really negative comments, to the original post.  A lot of them are personal attacks — he’s been called pompous, biased, and many worse things. 

Keep your chin up Michael.

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