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Jeff Bonforte: Yahoo! and Emerging Telephony

He starts off with what can only be described, for this audience, as an apology.  Yahoo is committed to openness — open standards, APIs, Interop — but not necessarily open source.  He cites the SMTP fiasco.  Let’s make sure we manage the openness of the network so that we avoid voice SPAM.

Yahoo thinks of voice in three steps. 

  1. Voice 1.0 is dial tone.  It’s a hundred years old, and has an established business model.  Vonage is a Voice 1.0 company.
  2. Voice 2.0 is a platform.  Voice as software.  Free calling with micro-content and paid search.
  3. Voice 3.0 — voice with an application, transaction and content focus. 

What he likes about Voice 3.0 is that you move away from the concept of a call.  In the middle of a call "Hey, what’s the score in Dodgers game?" and have the system respond.  The downside of Voice 3.0: at this moment, who knows what the business model is?  Yahoo will use it’s existing billing and customer relationships.  That’s a fairly profound statement.  They simply see voice as a feature to add to Yahoo.

What happens when you combine voice with search?  Making voice a dynamite application means marrying it to their other applications.

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