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ETel Day One

I spent yesterday at the pre-show for ETel.  This truly is a VoIP hacker-fest.  Part way through the day, for example, someone came running out with a Treo running a Linux shell. 

There are a lot of old friends, and new faces here.  For instance, I had dinner with Phil Wolff from SkypeJournal.  We had a spirited discussion about the future role of the incumbents in a Voice 2.0 world.  How long, I asked, until they are simply resellers for content coming from the portal players?

I also ended up in a deep discussion of identity with John Todd, and some folks proposing a new identity standard. 

The next two days are looking very meaty, and very interesting.  The focus here is a contrast to the other VoIP shows I attend (VON, and IT Expo).  This event is very much about the possibilities of emerging VoIP apps — tomorrow vs today. 

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