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Dinner at Thai Ginger

Howard and I had dinner last night at Thai Ginger in Redmond Town Center.  We ate with my friend, and hiking buddy, BJ Whalen, currently still a program manager at Microsoft.  Anyway, if you’re out in Redmond for any reason, eat at Thai Ginger.   The food was great.  I had the four star Panang Curry (sweet basil and coconut milk curry sauce – YUM), and it was just the right heat.

It was interesting to walk around Redmond Town Center.  REI is still there, and there’s a Macy’s now too.  However, you can really tell that the boom boom days of the late 1990’s are over.  The mall used to be packed full of shi shi shops, but now there are more than a few vacancies.

Stopped in at Redmond Fine Wine as well to pick up a bottle to drink with Andy & co in the valley on Saturday night.  Redmond Fine Wine has the best selection on the east side of Lake Washington, and they’re always very helpful.

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