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Be Prepared

If you were ever in the Scouting movement you know their motto:  Be Prepared.  Well, that goes for demo’s too.  The last couple of days have been an illustration of everything that can go wrong with a demo.  I have to report, though, that we’ve ridden through all the bumps with aplomb.

Monday morning we arrived at our first meeting.  We quickly discovered that the location had no wireless access, and we depend heavily on wireless for our demo.  We agreed to show the slides, and then reschedule to another location if there was still interest in seeing the demo.  Part way through the slide presentation, their projector died.  It totally lost synch.  Two minutes of futzing around and it still wouldn’t work.  The solution: everyone get cozy!  Spin the tablet around, and continue the presentation.  The presentation was compelling enough that we’re going to go ahead with the rescheduled demo today.

Tuesday morning, an hour before a really important meeting, the carrier we depend on had a massive network outage.  The carrier we are peered with also had a software upgrade, introducing a CODEC mismatch.  At that point, we had no ability for one carrier to communicate with the other, and no ability for the iotum Relevance Engine to talk with the first carrier.  While we tried to sort out the issues with the two carriers, we simultenously configured the demonstration software to talk with our lab system and a partner’s switch.  Demo up and running!  In the end, the carriers sorted the issues out and we were able to demo using the original setup, but it was touch and go for a few minutes.

Words of wisdom for demonstrators: Be Prepared, and be nimble. Anything can happen.

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  • Robyn Tippins January 19, 2006, 1:44 pm

    Guess you’ve been busy 😉

    Hope DEMO goes really, really well for the duration!

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