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I voted Green

Some of you have been following my decision process as I’ve wrestled with how to vote in the current Canadian election.  Well, I voted today because I’ll be out of the country on election day.  And, I voted Green, not Conservative.  As much as I would like to see the Liberals turfed out, for me it boils down to a question of conscience.  Although I’m philosophically onside with much of the Conservative platform, I’m also a strong supporter of equal rights for gay and lesbian people.  The Conservatives are not.  So, I chose Green.

Janice and I were discussing this afterward.  Her opinion is that the Green’s are just too immature to vote for at this point.  She considers them a wasted vote.  I look at it a little differently.  One of Chretien’s last acts as Prime Minister was to reform party finance.  The bulk of political party financing is now provided by the federal government, based on the percentage of the vote the party captured in the last election.  So, a vote for Green, even though Lori Gadzala (my local candidate) is unlikely to win, is a vote to continue financing the development of Green ideas. 

Whatever your opinion, make sure your voice is heard on January 23rd.  Vote!

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  • David Crow January 15, 2006, 6:34 am

    Jean Chretien's greatest legacy may be this change to federal political party financing. I voted Green in the last election, because I knew they wouldn't win, but that the vote could help grow an alternative to a party that I may not want to lead my government (yet). I am torn this election though, in Trinity-Spadina the race between Tony Ianno and Oliva Chow was decided by less than 800 votes the last go. Mr. Ianno has the worst attendance record of any MP, he supported the expansion of the fiscally unsound Toronto Island Airport expansion and the Toronto Port Authority (against his consitutents) and he has found a loop hole in federal campaign funding that allows his contributors to remain anonymous by donating to a trust fund that then provides his support. If the race wasn't so close last time I would vote Green, but I think I need to go against my own history and make my vote count.

  • Mitch Brisebois January 15, 2006, 12:50 pm

    Green or Blue – just a tweaking of the RGB knob!

    Without Jim Harris as leader – I would have been shocked at your vote Alec. But he is as credible a party leader as any NDP of late. So I congratulate you on a daring vote. It's a crime that the media still dismiss Harris – the debates would have been more interesting with him.

    Having said that… The Conservatives offend me with quite a few issues… against gay rights, abortion rights. But their policies on the economy, health, defense, taxation, daycare are spot on. Unfortunately the election isn't run by Harvey's where you can make your own combo! You were right yesterday in saying the Liberals need to go! I'm putting a little bit of faith that in electing a Conservative majority – the rights of citizens won't be trampled. There's no evidence of any Canadian Conservatives doing that in that past. There is evidence though that one prime minister did send the army into the cities of Canada armed with guns and tanks… I remember because I couldn't go trick or treating in October of that year… the party? the Liberals. the PM? PET. I was 10. I was pissed!

  • Lori Gadzala January 25, 2006, 6:31 am

    Alec: A volunteer showed me your site. Your post of Jan. 14 and the comments on it encapsulate both the triumph and the challenges of the Green Party. We have come a long way in public perception since 2000. We are now percieved as a credible alternative rather than a "fringe" party. Unfortunately, our electoral system forces voters to put short-term interests ahead of long-term objectives. So many people I met at the door applauded our vision and wished us luck, but then explained how they had to punish the Liberals by voting Conservative, or keep the Conservatives out by voting Liberal. Until we demand changes to our electoral system, this sad state of affairs will continue.

    Thank you for your support. You are exactly right in saying that your vote will help grow the party, both in dollars and in confidence. It has not been "wasted" since the Greens, both locally and nationally, are not going away. We will continue to involve ourselves in the federal issues of this riding. The over 4000 people who voted Green in Nepean-Carleton will expect nothing less.

    I will visit again, since I have a background in VoIP and hey, I like wine too! Best regards, Lori

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