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Teamwork and Leadership

We went to the Ottawa Senators vs  the NY Islanders last night at the Corel Center.  The Senators came back from being down 3-1 to win the game 4-3.  It was a remarkable display of teamwork, made all the more so by team Captain Daniel Alfredsson.  In the middle of the second period he took a slapshot from team mate Zdeno Chara in the ribs.  Chara has a powerful shot, and Alfredsson left the game winded, and with a bruised and cracked rib. 

This year’s Senators have grit.  Rather than let the loss of their captain affect their game negatively, they rallied and turned around a losing game.  This without Alfredsson, star center Spezza, and winger’s Havlat and Bochenski, all of whom are out with injuries. 

Alfredsson has always led by example.  Without him there, players like Shaefer, Fisher, and Neil stepped up and played a fabulous game. Afterward, following a trip to hospital confirming his cracked rib, Alfredsson had only this to say:

”That’s the way it goes,” said Alfredsson. ”Hopefully, Spezza is coming back soon and the good thing is we have guys stepping up and tonight was another big case of that, so we’ll find ways to win games.”

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