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SIPPhone to Offer Free US Phone Numbers

Buried in all the excitement over 1 cent per minute calling yesterday was an even more exciting announcement.  Michael Robertson’s SIPPhone will offer free US Phone Numbers as well, in the new year.  Phone numbers have traded for about $.05 to $.10 per month on the market for the last year or so. They are basically free already, which means that the carrier charging you $2.99 / month for a phone number is making a gigantic profit on them.  By offering them free, SIPPhone is exposing them for the commodity that they really are.  Telephone numbers are to telephones, what IP addresses are to computers.  Nothing more.

Under the SIPPhone plan, telephone calls will become true pay-as-you-go services.  Michael says the average person should expect to pay about $6/month for voice with SIPPhone.  That sounds about right.  Before the price reduction, I have been paying about $10/month.

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