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OneCare Live: Thumbs Up!

I downloaded the Windows OneCare Live beta last week.  This is Microsoft’s new managed service for PC maintenance.  It includes backup, antivirus, firewall management, and "tune up" — at this moment, simply disk defragmentation. And, it provides it all in a simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use, package.

OneCare Live Screen Shot

The install experience was very easy.  It beefed up some of my prior firewall settings, however, and some utilities such as my VPN no longer worked.  The VPN was easily fixed by turning on support for the GRE protocol in the firewall advanced settings dialog. 

The first virus scan I ran found a worm in my email inbox.  The worm had been marked SPAM by my SPAM filter, and never opened, but the fact is that it had gotten past my recently expired Norton Antivirus.

All in all, it seems an effective tool. Many of the things it does, like disk defragmentation and firewall, are already available in Windows.  However, it’s nice to have this simple user oriented application to manage them all.  And it’s very heartening to see Microsoft spending time on making the use of these important tools easier.

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