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Canadian Blog Awards: Third Place Finish

Thanks to all of you who cast your votes in the Canadian Blog Awards.  It was a tight race, methinks, but yours truly won the coveted third prize in the Business Blog category!  I am not sure why Transit Toronto (a blog about the TTC) should win first prize for a business blog.  Clearly it must be popular among the fickle electors of Canada.  They probably all voted Liberal too…

Some of my personal favorites also won prizes:  Accordion Guy (Best blog overall), Colby Cosh (Third place, Conservative Blogs and Third place, Media Blogs), Rick Mercer (Best New Blog, and Best Humour Blog), Ghost of  Flea (Best Culture Blog), Game Certainty (Third place, Sports Blogs).  Special mention goes to Mark Evans (Fifth in Business Blogs).  Mark’s blog certainly deserves more accolades than it received.  Amongst Canadian bloggers covering business, his is a standout. 

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