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Corrupt but Competent?

Andrew Hackston, on his new blog lowercase, eh?, is looking forward to the new Liberal slogan: corrupt but competent.  He was at a party yesterday where the consensus was: the Liberals are corrupt, the Conservatives are scary, and nobody trusts the NDP with the chequebook. 

So far, the Conservatives have controlled the agenda in the campaign.  First by pre-emptively taking on same sex marriage, next with the special prosecutor issue, and latest with the GST.  It seems clear that their strategy is to get the scary so-con stuff out of the way fast, and focus on the positive parts of their platform.  The Liberals, having spent their ammunition prior to the start of the campaign, now have no choice but to respond to the Conservative platform announcements.

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  • Jim Courtney December 5, 2005, 4:45 am

    and then making statements about "no two tier healthcare". So we will continue with two tier healthcare; one for those who have to stay home and another tier for those who can afford to go out of country (not just the U.S. but I understand also India has become an outsourcer of healthcare also).

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