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Vijay on Voice 2.0

Vijay Anand is a young Indian entrepreneur who I’ve been corresponding with about Voice 2.0, recently.  He’s put up a blog of his own called Technological Musings, and recently written an article in which he asks whether the current crop of VoIP entrepreneurs are barking up the wrong tree. He writes:

VoIP has no future unless it makes the leap into the next phase of voice communications, which many have termed as Voice 2.0

Maybe its time to look at this whole system in a new way. I sometimes wonder if technologists give the masses way less merit than they deserve. If the end-user was able to adapt to giving out email addresses and their IM details on their business card, and the even more current blogging address as well, it shows they are more than capable of adopting a new standard and method of being in touch. The rest will eventually catch up.

Of course scraping the whole system and designing a new one is a long process and what is happening right now will probably be the best route to take – make a transitional medium before switching completely to voice networks. But the point is the reminder that what we are getting to, is just a transitional network. I really hope the industry players, the entrepreneurs and the investors will remember that.

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  • Deepak November 23, 2005, 11:08 am

    One obstacle to VoIP acceptance among the wider public is the lack of broadband access. Untill the majority of internet users are on broadband, VoIP will not be able to make it to the masses. That said, within the corporate environment, VoIP should be encouraged and will hopefully soon find general acceptance. I would love to have a single number which I could take with me all over the world and be reached on and use to contact others, have conference calls and the like.

  • Vijay Anand November 27, 2005, 1:57 am

    You are absolutely right Deepak. It is the basis of VoIP, we need an IP to work with and the broad pipeline to connect the parties involved. I just came back from a meeting with some very interesting chaps in India working in the VoIP sector with whom LeadStep would be partnering with. I'll blog on it once I can get some rest.

    I don't think its a matter of being encouraged or a matter of acceptance. It's the future, whether they like it or not. We bet money on it :)

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