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Google testing Click-to-Call

Here’s a Google FAQ on the new Click-to-Call feature they’re testing.  (Thanks Randy).  It requires some artificial behaviour on the part of the user (filling in the call back number), but this could easily be automated using the Google Desktop form fill feature.  That would be a very nice experience then.  Click an ad, have the phone ring beside you, and talk to the advertiser. 

So, who will get there first with Click-to-Call, Skype/EBay or Google?  Will the AdWords bid per click model be better than whatever Skype/EBay is planning, or worse?  Will Adsense publishers participate in the revenue stream?  Will EBay build a context-driven advertising business, too?

The mind reels…

Update:  Good posting with some screen shots from Tom Keating.  Greg Yardley has some screen shots too.

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