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Voice Over Everything? Of Course!

The Voice 2.0 meme is really starting to click.  The idea that voice and the web, together, is a powerful new platform for applications is spreading.  The latest thoughts on this come from Ted Wallingford in his piece Voice Over Everything.  Ted writes:

We now see voice apps beginning to meld with the Web. Voice over Everything is a place where the conveniences of modern computing—the web browser, the mouse, the graphical user interface—are used to facilitate, speed, and optimize voice applications such as telephony.  With Voice over Everything, the lines between web browsing, telephone calling, instant messaging, and task scheduling are all blurred.  Instead of rigidly defined application boundaries, Voice over Everything portends organic, human-centric ways of leveraging voice for data, and data for voice.

Ted’s "Voice Over Everything" is another piece, like Jeff Pulver’s Purple Minutes, building on the idea that IP telephony is more than just replicating the PSTN.  Our industry has to continue to promote this theme.  Otherwise, there literally is no reason to migrate away from the PSTN.

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