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The Tom and Ernie Show

Tom Howe’s Ernie Project continues to attract attention.  The latest two posts on his blog include a high level Ernie Architecture, and some cool brainstorming ideas he’s received by email.  I think the PayPal PIN idea is pretty cool.  What I want is *P on my phone.  The scenario: I am driving somewhere, and need to make a quick purchase.  For example — let’s pretend I’ve forgotten my mum’s birthday.  So, I call 1-800-FLOWERS, and order a bouquet to be delivered and press *P, plus a short PIN code, to securely transmit payment.  This actually happened to me (forgetting her birthday) a couple of years ago, and I actually did this, but instead of *P I had to dig my credit card out of my wallet and dictate the number over the telephone while clutching the card in the center of my steering wheel, and driving on an icy street in the middle of winter.

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