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Really Connecting a Digital Home

There’s an excellent article on Smarthome Australia’s website about using UPnP to connect digital entertainment devices to your home networkWindows Media Connect, Twonkyvision, TVersity, and Allegro are all mentioned as media servers.  As I’ve blogged previously, here at the Saunders home we use Twonkyvision, with Netgear MP101’s for distributed music.  Twonkyvision is a little quirky, but it’s rock solid.   I recently upgraded to Twonky’s latest build, and spent the princely sum of 15 euro’s to get their full featured packaged.  Well worth the money. 

UPnP is on the right curve.  When we launched it in 1999, we thought it would take eight years (as USB had) to gain widespread adoption.  So, here we are in year six, and UPnP is becoming more and more ubiquitous everyday.

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