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Jack Layton: Emasculated

Last spring, Jack Layton truly held the balance of power, and was able to force the government’s hand on budget items important to the Dippers.  His performance was masterful.  I’d never vote for an NDP government, but you had to admire his ability to advance his party’s platform.

All that has changed, of course.  Now that he is just another opposition party trying to take the government down, he’s shown that he lacks the cojones to face the electorate.  The Globe and Mail, this morning, has reported that Mr. Layton will put forward a motion calling on the government to have an election in early February.  It’s not a confidence motion, and Mr. Martin’s government is free to ignore the whining from the peanut gallery and call the election when he wants.  It’s pure political gamesmanship to see if Martin can be "embarrassed" into calling an election.  Martin won’t. He has more spine than that.  Meanwhile, nothing can be done in the house.

The argument against calling an election?  Nobody wants a campaign over Christmas.  Excuse me?  Is there a person in this country who doesn’t understand that the campaign is already on, and has been since the day that Martin committed to call an election 30 days after Gomery?

I’m sick of it. I want to vomit everytime anyone of the gutless weasels leading the opposition parties start their posturing for the camera.  I have visions of wheelbarrow loads of tax dollars going to the incinerator.

Will someone, anyone, please, call an election!

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  • Randy Charles Morin November 10, 2005, 7:27 am

    Patience. I'm a two-time card holding Conservative. The current Conservatives are modern day biggots. The Liberals are corrupt. It's time to teach the Conservative and Liberals a lesson and vote NDP. The NDP won't win, but with enough votes they'll maintain the balance of power and force the two major parties into selecting better leaders.

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