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Unlimitel: Customer Service Kings

Unlimitel is a regional VoIP carrier, operating a network stretching from Montreal Quebec to London Ontario.  At Iotum, we buy our VoIP connections from them.  I was chatting with Stephan Monette, the owner, earlier today.  I wondered why he didn’t support peering with SipPhone.  At 11:39 PM tonight, I was chatting with Andy Abramson, and mentioned the conversation.  Andy said “It’s easy”, and found the peering page on SipPhone’s site. I mailed it to Stephan. At 1:15 AM, my GizmoPhone rang.  It was Stephan.  He said “Oh, hi.  I was just testing Gizmo.  Didn’t expect to see you up this late!”

The best part is that SipPhone is peered with all kinds of companies. Stephan solved my problem, and in the process tapped into a global network of peered SIP carriers, which is great for him too.

It’s that kind of hustle that wins business and respect from your customers.

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  • Fabian Rodriguez August 22, 2006, 4:28 pm

    I know it’s been a while, but I can’t find this information and Unlimitel is telling me they don’t support SIP much, except for basic config. How do you peer with SIPPhone.com users ?

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