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2000 Palmer Alter-Ego

Dinner tonight was roast pork loin, sweet potatoes, and a stir fried medley of vegetables.  The accompaniment: 2000 Palmer Alter-Ego.  This is their second growth wine, but many critics feel it’s of the same quality as the other Grand-Cru wines of Bordeaux.   It’s a gorgeous bottle.  It has a beautiful floral / fruit nose, with intense flavours of cassis, plum fruits, and a little pencil lead.  Long finish, with little to no heat.  I have two more of these, which I will be saving.

Following the main course we ate apple pie, a la mode, accompanied by Chateau des Charmes 1998 Late Harvest Riesling.  The acidity of the Riesling grape was a nice complement to the pie, but there was also enough sweet that it wasn’t overwhelmed.

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