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The PSTN Needs an iPod

… or at least, that’s what Aswath says.  He makes the compelling comment that most of the VoIP plays out there are in fact replicating the AIN on IP, rather than implementing a stupid network strategy. SCP’s in the AIN are functionally the same as app servers on VoIP networks. Why else would they do anything different, he asks, since there’s no money in the stupid network for the carriers.

The common wisdom is that the money in VoIP will come from the applications.  Why not implement those same applications on the PSTN, then, since the architecture is so similar?  Well, in fact, many carriers are at least paying lip service to this strategy. 

New devices are needed to expose these features.  Hence the need for an "iPod"… but not just for the PSTN, Aswath.  For voice of all persuasions.

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