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Saunders .LOG moves to three columns

I’ve moved the blog to a three column format.  I was piling up too much stuff in the sidebar, and wanted to get to a cleaner format.  In the process, I’ve also added a few new features:

  1. Exposed a variety of different feed formats.  The left hand column contains a feature called the Syndication Center, which has a variety of different popular feed formats, and subscription chiclets for various readers.
  2. Added a link to Randy Morin’s excellent R|Mail.  If you want to receive Saunders .LOG by email, the left hand column contains an area titled Subscription By Email.  Click on either the R|Mail chiclet, or use Bloglet (also linked). Randy’s tool is the best, though.  Bloglet has been unreliable as of late.
  3. Exposed individual RSS feeds for each category.  If you’re only interested in what I write about tech, wine, Canada, travel… then you can pick and choose the feed you want to read.  Just go to the category list in the right hand column, and click the RSS chiclet you see beside each feed.

If you like this look, and want to use it on your own blog, I’m going to clean up the template files, zip them up, and distribute them as a WordPress template.  Stay tuned.

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