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5 – 1, Sens vs. Bruins

Great game.  The new rules are making for some very exciting play.  Some nastiness on the ice:

  • Ottawa’s Zdeno Charra took a stick to the face.  Andrew Alberts took a 4 minute penalty for that one.  Charra was in front of the net, Alberts stick came around like an axe, and Charra went down.
  • Martin Havlat kicked Boston’s Hal Gill in the groin.  Gill came after Havlat, and started a bit of a scrap behind the Boston net.  Havlat retaliated by kicking him, and then Chris Neil jumped into the fray.  Both Neil and Gill took penalties. The refs didn’t see what Havlat did.  He should have been out, with a serious penalty.

Go Sens Go!

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