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Rick’s Rants

Rick Segal has been systematically skewering Web 2.0 for the last couple of days.  It’s three days of well thought out, and often highly amusing rhetoric, plus a great comment stream.

Oct 3: Web 2.0 != a Check.  Summary: Rick doesn’t finance technology buzzwords. "Solve a problem with a solution customers love and will pay for. Don’t look for the buzz words to get you into the game or get you a check."

Oct 4: Important Stock Tip.  Summary: Desktop apps are not going to be replaced by browser hosted apps.  My take: Isn’t AJAX implicit recognition of this?  And furthermore, isn’t most of Web 2.0 about API access to large data stores like Google, Amazon, and so on?

Oct 6: Web 2.0 and the New World Order. Summary: Ignore the app vs browser debate.  Focus on solutions.

Good advice for anyone.  Solve real customer problems, and forget about the industry posturing.

Unlike Rick, I don’t use everything Google offers.  Generally speaking Google’s desktop apps (Google Desktop Search, Google Web Accelerator) are not that good.  MSN Desktop Search, by comparison, rocks. But that’s their core competency, isn’t it?

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