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Kodak vs. the Internet

Bob Frankston’s piece Kodak vs. the Internet is worth a read.  The world predicted by Larry Lessig in Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace is coming to be.  N.B. If you haven’t read this book, you should. Written for the legal layman, it’s a populist look at the impact of technology on law.

So, although you presumably own your photographs, Kodak’s code controls them.  As forecast by Lessig, the law, in this case copyright, is taking a subordinate role to code. 

It’s not as bad as Bob makes out, though.  You still have the option of storing the photos locally on your PC, which presumably you would.  EasyShare wouldn’t likely be your only storage solution, since the camera can store up to 1500 pictures before needing to download.  In fact, Kodak foresees the use of this camera as a photosharing device as well, and provides synchronization software to allow you to store your favorites on the camera — an iPod for photos.

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