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Instructor Mitch Ferrence & the Dell Ditty-O

David Card hates it.  Chris Seibold hates it too.  I loved it.  It’s engaging, stupid, and funny as all hell — evocative of Jack Black and "The School of Rock".  This is going to be a viral advertising cult classic.  I watched nearly all the sequences, for well over 10 minutes. 

"It" is the Dell DJ Ditty ad campaign, starring rocker "Mitch Ferrence" and his lessons on dancing, air guitar, lip synching, and dealing with fame. 

Go Mitch!  I can hardly wait to see more of your dance moves. 

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  • deadwiz October 2, 2005, 9:52 pm

    This guy is great! Funny stuff, though I don't think I would take dancing lessons from this guy…

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