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Project Gizmo

I had a great experience this evening, using Gizmo.  I hadn’t tried it before (who needs another softphone, sez me!), but Andy Abramson was giving it pretty high marks, so we had a call.  Then I called my business partner Howard on his cell phone with it.  This thing rocks!  It’s the softphone I would build if I had the opportunity.

What did I like? 

  • Great sound quality.  I mean, really great!  No drop outs, no clipping.  I used to think Skype was great, but this was better-than-PSTN-by-a-country-mile sound quality. 
  • Nice user interface.  No dial-pad.  Thank goodness!  To dial Andy, I just typed his name in, and Gizmo found him and dialed him.
  • Brain-dead simply setup.  Literally, I downloaded it and it ran.
  • Fun features.  Blasts (remember the radio dingbats – screeching tires, and so on), hold music and more.
  • It’s SIP.  That means it can peer with any other SIP carrier out there (novel thought!).

It needs to be able to import my outlook address book, and I found a few UI gotcha’s, but gosh… this is a nice softphone!

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  • Mark Miller September 27, 2005, 8:28 am


    I have been using Gizmo for a while now. I agree with your assessment on Quality to the PSTN. See my blog about recently http://sipology.typepad.com/sipbiz/2005/09/purcha….

    I did not rave particularly about Gizmo in particular (made by SIPPhone), but the fact this will talk to SIP Carriers. An advantage I think this product has vs Skype without the hype (sorry about the pun).

    I will say it is in Beta, because I have had one or two odd things happen, but not with the call, voicemail or hold. I find the UI uses to much real-estate and can't be resized an issue. Map it is really cool feature too. It even worked phoning to the UK and almost pin pointed the street by friend was at. I will do a blog entry exclusively on Gizmo real soon.

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