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Blogging Rita

Plaxo is a great little utility.  It generates all kinds of side effects.  For instance, I make it a habit of sending people those Plaxo e-cards on their birthday.  One of the toughest things to do in business is to simply stay in touch with your friends, and contacts.  Plaxo makes it a little easier.

Today is my friend Brandon Watson’s Birthday. He’s complaining that he didn’t get enough birthday wishes.   Head to his blog and wish him a Happy Birthday, if you wouldn’t mind.  I haven’t spoken to Brandon in months, but Plaxo reminded me that I should, so I did.  And I learned a whole bunch of interesting stuff. He’s started a consulting business – Desmogroup.  He’s a dad now.  He’s an ironman triathlete

Oh, and, because his new daughter is just six weeks old, they decided to stay in Houston during Hurricane Rita… and he blogged it.

I just love the way that Plaxo (and the web) makes it so easy to reconnect.

Happy Birthday Brandon!

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