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Vintages Direct

Mark Evans wrote about Vintage Direct, a new online wine merchant in Ontario.

You’ve long been able to buy wines online in Ontario, from the local Ontario wineries, or the wine agents who supply the LCBO and restaurants.  Usually, it’s a minimum one case order, which makes the cost and risk prohibitive for most people.  For instance, a few years ago I ordered a couple of cases from a Niagara winery (a well known winery, which I will not name) that arrived with ladybug taint (that overpowering cracked pepper / green pepper nose and taste).  They were undrinkable, and I was understandably disappointed.

Being able to order smaller quantities is a real advantage, and not having to wait at the LCBO on Saturday morning of a major release is another huge advantage.  Vintage Direct looks like a great and much needed service for Ontario consumers, although I think the $200/year membership fee is a little steep.

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