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Canadian Politics are Boring

Last week one of my readers complained to me that the blog was more fun when I wrote about politics. Perhaps.  Certainly I have a viewpoint!  Canadian politics are pretty boring right now, though.  We’ve had a dull summer recess, and the only noteworthy item at the moment is elements of the Conservative Party calling for the resignation of Stephen Harper followed by his dismissal of same.  Big deal.  He won’t last long… he’s hopelessly out of touch with what most Canadians want, and utterly incapable of mounting a significant opposition. As this editorial from the Brandon Sun says:

Harper and his party need to stop griping about the media. If they act like a real opposition instead of a pack of clowns who blame their woes on things beyond their control, Canadians will be more likely to vote for them.

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  • Charles August 29, 2008, 5:29 pm

    I can't believe how exciting US politics are, especially right now, with Obama-Biden vs. McCain-Palin.

    It puts Canadian politics to shame. How can anyone follow a potential upcoming Canadian election when US politics has just been turned up another notch with McCain announcing his VP candidate today.

    Hopefully PM Harper doesn't call the election now – it'll be worse than watching paint dry or grass grow with all that's occurring in the US.

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