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Industry Perspective: Jeff Pulver

I caught the tail end of Jeff Pulver’s speech.  As usual, a wide ranging overview of convergence trends.

When I walked in he was talking about the Hurricane Katrina experience.  He moved from there to television.  Jeff observed that during Live8 you could watch the VH-1 or MTV broadcast, or go to AOL and make your selection of any of the live streams available from all over the world.  Forget about better than voice quality, Jeff says!  How about better than broadcast quality?  TV is just another application, like voice, and as proof, Jeff cites disruptive broadcasting technologies like Slingmedia, Current.tv, and Roadcasting.

From there he switched to the Internet Freedoms. A recent experience having his SIP ports blocked (but not his video ports) at the Meridien Hotel in London, has convinced him that it’s even more important than ever to be vigilant about preserving these rights.

Jeff also announced that he is reintroducing Free World Dialup.  It’s rebranded as "Communications for Geeks by Geeks".  It includes a new opt-in directory structure that any service provider, or individual can use to list their personal SIP phones, IP DIDs, and so on.  Kudos!  You can connect at listyourself.net, "The Listing Service for the Unlisted". 

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