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More Phone Etiquette Blunders

I have a Google subscription set up to catch interesting stories about telephone etiquette, because one of the things that Iotum’s software is designed to do is to minimize inappropriate interruptions. 

This piece was written for the college crowd.  "Why keep your cell phone on vibrate when you’re in class?" it asks.  It also goes on to talk about various other places where it might be inappropriate to have a cell phone call, like this…

I was sitting behind a lady on light-rail. For the whole 20-minute ride, she was talking on her phone about how she caught her husband cheating on her. Please save the graphic conversations for someplace where you aren’t crammed in like sardines.

You can well imagine the looks on the other passengers faces.

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  • Jim Galley September 18, 2005, 1:47 am


    Heres a CBS article entitled Calling For Cell Phone Etiquette. Of interest is the comment from a New York restaurant owner who banned cellphone use 6 years ago.

    I’ve seen a few people get downright indignant when told that cellphone use in a resturant is not allowed. Jammers cannot be far away in the US – and would most likely be in place already if they were not illegal.

    In Hong Kong, I experienced a different approach to the problem – when you arrive at the resturant, you check in your cellphone with your coat. If you choose to leave the phone on, the coat check person will answer any calls and relay the message to your table.

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