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Canada’s Do-Not-Hesitate-To-Call List

Privacy advocate Michael Geist has nothing good to say about Bill C-37, Canada’s Do Not Call legislation.  He believes the bill has been so watered down that it will be ineffectual. 

The US Federal Do Not Call List now has more than 90 million subscribers.  Despite the public’s enthusiasm for it, I haven’t seen any hard data yet on how effective it’s been.  Historically, research has shown that do not call lists tend not to be effective.  For instance, the AARP, who have been tracking this issue for some time, have shown that as many as 60% of those who signed up for state level do not call lists still continued to receive unwanted solicitations

An army of investigators, and bureaucrats in Washington is not an effective way to handle complaints arising from the 19.2 BILLION telemarketer calls made every month in the US.  Is there any reason to believe that the situation in Canada would be different?

What’s needed is a technology solution — the equivalent of a spam filter for your telephone. Stay tuned…

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