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The Brothers Grimm

We took the kids to see The Brothers Grimm last night.  If you’re a fan of Terry Gilliam’s films, you will love this one too.  The plot is pretty simple: Will and Jake Grimm are a couple of travelling hucksters who make their living by exorcising supernatural creatures from the villages they visit.  The supernatural creatures (witches, trolls and so on) are played by two actors they’ve hired.   What happens, then, when they encounter a real fairy tale?

It’s full of twists, and quirky references to the actual fairy tales.  Matt Damon and Heath Ledger are the brothers, which gives it the feel of a supernatural buddy movie.  Although it’s a kids movie, Gilliam is true to form with lots of suprises and scares.  It kept our seven year old close to his mum the whole time.

If you liked Time Bandits, or Brazil, you will love this movie too.

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