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Know When to Turn the Cell Phone Off

Except under extraordinary circumstances, there is no reason to either answer a cell phone during a meeting or, worse, take the call and have a conversation while the meeting is still going on. So says Chuck Martin, writing in the Portsmouth Herald

A while ago I set up a Google Alert for new stories on the topics of Cell Phone Interruptions, and Cell Phone Etiquette.  There are two or three stories per day like the one I quoted above. 

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  • CT September 6, 2005, 5:35 am

    You'd think this would fall under the "no duh" category of obviousness. But there's a persistent mindset out there that your phone is vital, and must be answered right at that moment (for reasons of exaggerated self-importance, if nothing else). When that's typically just not true, and why voicemail exists.

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