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NewStep Networks and The Mobile Snatchers

Time Europe’s piece The Mobile Snatchers (picked up by Andy Abramson over on VoIP Watch) is about the coming convergence of WiFi and mobile networks.  Time writes:

Handset vendors are starting to build Internet technologies into their phones that permit users to bypass mobile networks. The same wi-fi chips that have worked their way into laptops and turned tens of thousands of coffee shops and hotel lounges into Internet surfing zones are starting to appear in handsets. Customers using this phone simply place a call as normal, provided they have access to a wi-fi zone.

As Richard Stastny points out, this is nothing new.  It’s still a bit of a hack, though. 

Friday I saw a demo of NewStep Networks Converged Call Management portfolio.  It seamlessly hands off calls from the enterprise WiFi network to cellular, and back again, without missing a beat.  Quite amazing, and a required piece of technology if Time’s scenario is to become a reality instead of just a hack.

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