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A Bigger Bang Reviewed

The Chicago Tribune has a two page review of "A Bigger Bang", including a lot of good commentary from other publications. 

The band’s new album, "A Bigger Bang" (which comes out Tuesday), also has been getting raves. Los Angeles Times rock critic Robert Hilburn called it "their strongest since ‘Tattoo You’ almost a quarter century ago." Morse wrote that "industry insiders have termed [it] their best since 1978’s ‘Some Girls’" and also that "comparisons have been made between the new album and the Stones’ classic ‘Exile on Main Street’ from 1972 . . .

What I’ve heard has been excellent.  I especially like the new blues number "Back of My Hand".  Jagger does an amazing job, evoking the old blues men of the southern USA like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, and Son House.

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