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Keep Cell Phones Unlisted!

Over on the Maine Morning Sentinel, the editorial is calling for cell phone numbers to remain unlisted.  The argument is that listing cell phone numbers would make it easier for unwanted callers to intrude.  Some quotes:

The creation of a cell phone directory would almost certainly increase the volume of calls — especially unwanted calls — that many people receive, including those from solicitors and fundraisers.

…the solution is not to suggest that people turn off their cell phones if they want to avoid such calls. First, no one should have to do that. Second, by turning off their phones to avoid irritating calls, they are missing important — or at least less-annoying — calls, too.

A further concern: In many cases, people pay for most or all of the calls they make from or receive on their cell phones. Those minutes should not be wasted on unwelcome, unappreciated interruptions.

The issue of how to manage unwanted interruptions continues to be top of mind, even though solutions like the very popular do-not-call list exist today.

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