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Detail from Google Earth

Originally uploaded by Alec Saunders.

More detail from Google Earth. Following on my previous theme, this is what the Amazon River, the “Lungs” of the planet looks like. In the north, you can see the river flowing out to see. To the south, you can see huge clear cuts, visible from 2075 miles above the earth.

rainforest detail
Originally uploaded by Alec Saunders.

This shot is the same southern part of the Amazon, but taken from 10 miles up. You can clearly see how much forest has been removed, and cultivated as farm land.

Click through on the images in order to see the larger versions stored on Flickr.  Or, I strongly encourage you to go get a copy of Google Earth if you find this interesting.  The detail I can show in these photos is pale compared to what you can see with their software.

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