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"What a noob!".  That’s what my kids would say about that odious little worm Germant Grewal, if they followed politics.  In my day it would have been "What a loser!".

So Grewal has taken "stress leave".  I don’t really understand why Stephen Harper defended him in the first place.  Nor do I understand why, now that it’s clear that Grewel is not being above board, Harper doesn’t just fire him.  Can the Conservatives credibly try to paint the Liberals as slimey and corrupt when this is going on in their own ranks?

The whole thing stinks and both parties should be ashamed of these shenanigans.  Grewel was clearly prostituting his vote.  Liberals Murphy and Dosanhj were just as clearly the eager johns.  Is this the quality of leadership my tax dollars are funding?  Fire the lot of them, I say!

Yup, here in the Northern Banana Republic, Mr. Martin certainly does politics "differently".

What a bunch of noobs… er, I mean, losers.

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