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The search for a great UPnP media server continues.  Two comments on my last posting prompted more investigation. 

JP Hebert recommended looking at Tversity, which is at the 0.6 release now, and available for free.  Tversity can run as a service, and is very fast, although the initial indexing is a bit of a bear.  Command line interface only at this point, but very fast, and capable of indexing all of the files on my network server.  I won’t be using Tversity, however, due to a lack of playlist support, and very crude capabilities to find/sort/categorize media on the target device.

Wilksy suggested looking at TwonkyVision again.  With a little patience, and a lot of reading of the online manual, I made it work.  TwonkyVision makes some (frankly dopey) assumptions out of the box, including the assumption that the default location for media files is the directory where TwonkyVision is installed. Lesson learned — RTFM. Strangely, now that I am using this server, my Netgear MP101’s crash frequently.  I will have to go do some more looking into that. I have the latest firmware, so perhaps there’s another tweak I can make to the server to prevent this. 

TwonkyVision is also very fast, which I like a lot — this solves one of my biggest hassles. 

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  • Ian Oliver June 8, 2005, 3:00 am

    I've also settled on twonkyvision. A great server, with loads of features, and the web interface now lets you configure it without lots of ini file twiddling.

    But it doesn't transcode.

    Nero Mediahome claims to transcode. I keep meaning to see if this means I can play streaming ASF and Real content on a device without native support for these formats.


  • Alec June 8, 2005, 3:13 am

    I think they have a trial version you can download. I bought MediaHome as part of Nero Ultra, and while it may transcode, it's WAY too slow.

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