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Harper’s Speech

I’m now listening to Stephen Harper’s speech.  He says that tonight’s vote underlines the need for a "strong, united, and principled opposition".  So do something about it Stephen!  You’re the leader of the party.

It really doesn’t sound like he has a plan to court the Ontario voter.  What a disappointment, and what a disappointment that he doesn’t seem to understand what he has to do.

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  • myles May 19, 2005, 10:16 pm

    Agree with you there. I put him in a lose lose situation unless he shapes up his ability to offer a true alternative. Otherwise, he'll need the bloc to form his next gov't or maybe it's the ndp that gains ground and works with the Grits. Either way, he has to show he can win the vote, not hope its handed to him. I think it's to his advantage to build up some rapport with the public over the next while as the election date ensues whenever that might be…

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