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Desktop Search War

The desktop search war has begun in earnest.  Today, MSN released MSN Desktop Search.  This free utility sets the new bar for desktop search.  Compared to Google Desktop Search (which I have faithfully used for a very long time), it:

  1. Presents the search results in a more useful fashion.
  2. Indexes more types of files, and has a plug-in architecture for probably hundreds more filetypes.
  3. Sports a very handy automatic form filler, which includes a way to securely store, and automatically enter such useful items as email, user ID, and even credit card information.

Awesome job guys.  I uninstalled Google this afternoon, and when asked the reason why during the uninstall script, I said "MSN presents the information in a more useful fashion".  I can hardly wait to see what Google comes up with next!

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