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Bountiful: Systematic Pedophilia

This morning’s Ottawa Citizen ran a full page article on Bountiful, where a polygamy practicing sect of the Mormon church is located.  Titled The Bountiful Challenge, it’s remarkable in that it represents the first time I’ve seen members of the sect declare that they believe they have a Charter right to practice polygamy.  The article reports on a meeting between members of the Bountiful community and reporters that was held last tuesday.  Amongst other things it reports:

The case that Winston Blackmore made for the free practise of polygamy is based on his interpretation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He says the Charter provides unlimited protection for any religious practice and that the guarantee of religious freedom overrides the Criminal Code prohibition on polygamy.

If the Charter overrides the Criminal Code, then what next?  Shall we allow human sacrifice, or the stoning of criminals?  Earlier in the article questions were asked about the ages of some of the “brides”.

The youngest bride that anyone acknowledged Tuesday night was described as being one day shy of her 15th birthday. Midwife Christina Blackmore — one of Winston Blackmore’s wives — said marriages at such a young age are unusual and she knows of only two girls who had babies before they were 16.

Bountiful is nothing more than systematic pedophilia, which the members are attempting to disguise as religion.  The BC government should grow itself a spine, and deal with the issue.

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  • Matthew April 22, 2005, 8:29 pm

    This is reprehensible behaviour. Alec is right. The BC government should shut this group down and charge, where ever possible, those who have abused children. I am horrified.

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