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Von Canada, EOD

VON Canada, Day 1, is over. It’s been a long day.  Although there isn’t a lot of earth shattering news, there is a real sense in the air that VoIP is at the tipping point.

The last two sessions of the day, for me, were the VoIP and SMB session that I participated in, and the Venture Capitalists perspective.

My presentation for the VoIP and SMB session is here.  A warning, right up front, it plays best with recent versions of PowerPoint.

The session was excellent. Ably chaired by Rick Spence (former editor of Profit Magazine), the panelists were Tim Welch (Centrepoint Technologies), Vera Reifenstein (Bell Canada), David Cork (Natural Convergence), Marc Gingras (Nimcat Networks), and myself.  There was strong consensus that small business is a value oriented sale, and that small businesses have little to no tolerance for technology glitches.  Beyond that, lots of discussion.

The VC panel was, bluntly, not that interesting.  I would have found the whole thing much more interesting if the moderator had dispensed with the staged question and answer, and let the participants present their own viewpoints directly. 

For a wrap-up on the day, here are some other folks that have written about VON Canada:

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