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Shift Happens: VNO’s and Dumb Pipes

I’m sitting in Pulver’s opening speech at VON Canada. It’s called "Shift Happens". The whole theme is that the IP shift is happening.

One of the big themes is that end-to-end IP is finally happening. All we need is DUMB PIPES, and virtual network operators that ride on top of these pipes. Jeff makes a big pitch for the Net Freedoms. Communications are like coffee – I need the freedom to choose coffee with cream or milk, sugar or no, and in the quantities that I want.

He touches on themes that are near and dear to us at Iotum. VoIP is not just cheap voice. Applications are the key to unlocking the potential of VoIP. Let’s build communications services for the IM generation. Let’s not just replicate the old.

Jeff has been saying for a while that we need the iPOD of VoIP. He now says that Skype is the iPOD. They made VoIP easy to use, did it better than others and provided it at the right price. He asks if Skype is the new OS for communications, which is a provocative idea.

Whither open standards, then?

He finishes with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke — "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little past them to the impossible."

Great stuff.

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